Boycotting sexist music

Happy New Year!

Here’s an interesting question that I think may have a range of opinions – should we boycott music/artisits that we deem to have sexist music videos and sexist language?

So many songs include sexist lyrics and videos (mostly sexually objectifying women).  However… they are usually very catchy tunes.  Is it possible to ignore the sexism and just appreciate the music?  I can’t.  I try, but I think it’s impossible – I’ve noticed it too many times that now I check for it in every song.  I stop listening to songs that I deem derogatory because it upsets me.  It upsets me that little boys and girls listen to those songs and that however much they may not notice the lyrics or however much they know that women should not be treated like objects, I feel like the lyrics must enter some part of their brain, and it must be processed somewhere, unconsciously.

It might seem like overreacting, but I can’t stand hearing that he “fucked two bitches before [he] saw you”, or that she doesn’t let herself have a choice: ” When you need that I’mma let you have it”.  I can’t stand hearing that women are passive characters in sexual interaction – men fuck, nail, and screw; women get fucked, get nailed, get screwed.  I’m sick of women being disrespected by being called sluts, whores, bitches etc – it’s highly dehumanising.  As a matter of fact, psychological literature suggests that when people dehumanise others, they are more likely to be violent towards them.

So, I asked my boyfriend to stop listening to this music too.  Or at least to put his headphones in, so I don’t have to suffer it.  He says he doesn’t listen to lyrics, only to the song.  I think they’re both one and the same.


PS. On a brighter note – Rizzle Kicks is safe from all derogatory language (I think) so continue to listen to them all you like!  I’m sure there are others too 🙂 I like Alessia Cara at the moment.

Sexist highlights of 2015

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

As we move on to a new year, we look back over all the great moments of 2015.  Not forgetting the sexist and misogynistic moments.   The moments that you can do nothing but laugh at, and the moments that are damn right infuriating.

Here‘s a quick overview.  Don’t let it overwhelm you!

Removing feminism from politics A-level – ??!!!

How can such a huge POLITICAL movement be removed from the teaching of POLITICS?!  Teaching girls and young women about their political history  and the movements that increased gender equality is vital.  Women are consistently under-represented in such domains, which means girls have fewer role models than boys do, and it suggests that women should not be involved in these areas, which in turn reduces their aspirations.

Please sign the petition linked in the article.

Plan to axe feminism from A-level politics triggers protest


Women-only tube carriages

Do these protect women from sexual assault or harassment?  Or do they cause women to change their behaviour to avoid victimisation, instead of teaching men not to be perpetrators?

How will they be policed?  How can they stop men from entering women-only carriages?

What about women who feel safe enough to enter mixed carriages, or need to because of lack of space – are these women asking for it if they do get harassed?